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Mr. Solomos represented me in connection with my action against Sunlife Assurance Company of Canada. I sued Sunlife for disability benefits because I became sick and unable to work. Mr. Solomos has devoted many hours to my case. The trial alone lasted over 7 days. The trial judge rendered judgment in my favor. Mr. Solomos has done an excellent job. The insurance company appealed to the Ontario Court of Appeal. Mr. Solomos represented me at the appeal level, and he won the appeal too!

Sylvia Lawrence

I contacted Mr. Solomos through the Lawyer Referral Service of the Law Society of Upper Canada.
Mr. Solomos gathered all documentation from my physicians, therapists, etc. and contacted the Insurance Company. Mr. Solomos was confident that the insurance company had no basis to discontinue my pension.
Thanks to Mr. Solomos' efforts the Insurance Company reinstated my pension until I am able to resume working or until age sixty-five.
Mr. Solomos has been a tremendous help to me. He gave me an opportunity to get my financial life back in order. My self-esteem was very low because I could not afford to support my family during those months without my pension. Mr. Solomos gave that back to me. He fought hard to get back for me that which I was rightfully entitled to. He was very fast and efficient with my case. We thought it could take up to a year, but because of his diligent efforts it took half the time. I would not hesitate to use Mr. Solomos' services again nor would I hesitate to refer him to others who are in need of his assistance.

Randy Carson

Mr. Andreas H. Solomos, Barrister and Solicitor, assisted me in the preparation and presentation of my case in court.
I was extremely pleased with Mr. Solomos, who was efficient, very professional and very understanding with my concerns. He was able to put forth my position in a most competent manner and saved me the aggravation and agony usually involved in legal proceedings. My matter was also resolved in an expeditious way to my complete satisfaction.

Murray A. Neill

Although he was very busy, Mr. Solomos listened to what I had to say, understood my situation and complexity of my situation and took the case on. He worked nights and weekends and was unbelievably thorough and meticulous in his approach.
The result was a powerful defence.
The allegations against me were highly inflammatory and damaging in the extreme.
Mr. Solomos is an exceptional lawyer -- extremely talented and dedicated. He went far beyond the normal call of duty to ensure that I had a proper and fair hearing and the opportunity to present my case to the court. He treated the case as more than just a job and gave it his all. He has made it possible for me to begin to get back on my feet again, and thanks to him, I now feel very optimistic about the future.

Robert Ryan

From: The Law Society of Upper Canada
Dear Mr. Solomos,
Attached you will find a letter the Lawyer Referral Service received from Lawyer Referral Service client, Robert Ryan. Naturally, we were extremely pleased by Mr. Ryan's comments.
Your excellent handling of Mr. Ryan's file has not only reflected positively on you, but on the services provided by the Ontario Legal Aid Plan and the Lawyer Referral Service.
Yours very truly,

Theresa Starkes, Manager, Communications, Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2N6

Mr. Solomos has done a superb job representing me. I am extremely pleased.

Shetal Persad.

Mr. Solomos was very honest, legit and very helpful to my case which he won for me, with very little stress involved thank God. He made me feel comfortable in my fragile state of mind. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer, God Bless.

Joseph E Caissie.

Mr. Solomos has done a superb job representing me. I am very pleased with his services. I would recommend him to anyone

Barbara DeWindt

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