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Welcome to self-represented litigants - Tips and information for those who decide to represent themselves in and out of court. If you decide to represent yourself with respect to your legal matters, remember that this is not an easy task. You would need to know how to prepare and present your case with self-reliance. If you are not legally trained, you will never achieve one hundred percent competence; during your life-time, the chances are you will need to hire one or more lawyers to handle at least four or five legal matters.

We live in a complex society with a myriad of rules and regulations that govern human contact and regulate our lives. Sometimes, the state extends too far into the private lives of citizens. Sometimes overzealous politicians introduce laws that are supposed to help us but we discover they make our existence more complicated.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I had no rich parents who paid for my legal education. I had to work during the night, delivering pizza and driving taxis to finance my way through two universities. I came from an immigrant background and when I landed in Canada at age 20, I could not speak English very well. I lived in poverty for a long, long time. Sometimes I did not have money to buy food and there were times that I ate just bread. And I was happy. I worked very hard. I had my share of disappointments in life. Before I became a lawyer, I had to use the services of lawyers and the experience left me very disappointed, I'm sorry to say, because some lawyers - at least in my experience - had an aura of self-entitlement about them. Now, don't get me wrong; the majority of lawyers are hardworking individuals who too are victims of their situation. They did not make the complex laws and regulations, and they too have to navigate through a myriad or regulations.  Believe me, is tough being a lawyer!

So let us not blame lawyers for the complexities of our legal system. Let us work together to make it better!


Most of us want:

  •   less rules, less regulations, less legal tangles;

  •   to avoid going to court if at all possible;

  •   to resolve our legal issues fast and cheap;

  •   to live at peace with our neighbours;

  •   to be happy, to enjoy life;

  •   to avoid pain and hardship;

  •   to be loved, respected and valued by our family and peers;

  •   to have more money; and

  •   to enjoy good health.

Both as a lawyer and a citizen, I found the courtroom experience a bit stressful. After 25 years of legal practice-having appeared hundreds of times before Judges and Tribunals, I feel less intimidated by the process. But I know from experience that many of my clients have found the whole experience terrifying and extremely stressful.

This web page does not profess to solve your legal issues. If you can gain something - even something insignificant - the goal of this web page will have been accomplished. We all know how expensive and difficult it is to have to go through legal situations. I do not want to label them "legal problems" because many legal issues are not really "problems" but rather opportunities for solutions.

Good luck.

Founder: Andreas Solomos

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